VideoKen - Support

Welcome to VideoKen AI's support page. Here you will find instructions to set up your VideoKen AI account, as well as answers to some common queries. We keep updating this page on a constant basis, but if you don't find something you need, drop us a mail at

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for for VideoKen by providing your name, business email, and organisation name.

You will receive an email requesting you to verify your email address. Clicking on the link will complete the registration process. That's it!

VideoKen AI offers a free plan, where you can index up to 5 videos. For your premium plans, contact us at and we will get back to you within a day.

How do I add videos?

The navigation bar on the left hand side will show a link to Video Manager. The Video Manager is your one-stop location to add or remove videos, copy their embedding code, or their playable URLs.

The Add Videos bar looks like this:
You can add public YouTube videos, or videos hosted on an external URL, or videos from linked Kaltura, JW Player, or Zoom account.

You can add a YouTube video by simply entering the YouTube URL.
The added video shows will get listed in your Video Manager.
You can import videos from any integrated account, by selecting them from the popup dialog box. To know more about integrations, read on!

How do I integrate my Zoom account?

VideoKen AI supports integrating your Zoom account, and importing your cloud recordings to create a supercharged experience for your videos. To integrate your Zoom account, navigate to the integrations page, where you will see Zoom listed as an integration.
Clicking on "Login" will take you to the Zoom authentication page, where you need to provide your username and password. Zoom will then ask you to authorize VideoKen AI to access your account details, and cloud recordings.

On clicking "Allow", you will be redirected to the integrations page of the dashboard, where your Zoom account will get linked to your VideoKen AI account.

To add one of your cloud recordings to Videoken AI, click on "Zoom Videos" in the Video Manager, select the videos you wish to import, and click on the "Import" button.

How do I add videos from JW Player or Kaltura accounts?

You can integrate your JWPlayer account by entering API Key and API Secret in the JW Player dialog box on the integrations page.

You can integrate your Kaltura account by entering your Partner ID, Sub-Partner ID, Administrator Secret and User Secret in the Kaltura dialog box on the integrations page.

To add videos from these linked accounts to Videoken AI, click on their respective buttons in the Video Manager, select the videos you wish to import, and click on the "Import" button.

Can I automate adding videos from my integrated Zoom/ JW Player/ Kaltura account?

Yes. In the integrations dialog box, there is a button called Automate. Turn this on to automatatically import any new video in your integrated account to VideoKen.

The automated check is performed every hour.

How do I deauthorize or delete an integration?

Clicking on "Logout and deauthorize" button will log you out of the account you had linked, and disconnect it from your VideoKen AI account. However, any videos you may have imported will continue to be available in your VideoKen AI account.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Please drop us an email at, and we will respond to you within a day.